The company has developed its expertise over years in the field of orchards and now it offers its expertise to anyone who would like to buy orchards

How you can Start?

  • Buy lands suitable for farming at Rs 3,25,000/- per acre
  • Pay Rs. 2,25,000/- per acre development cost.
  • An individual can buy minimum half acre to maximum 54 acres of land from us.
  • Cost of Land Development Includes boundary, pillaring, fencing, weeding, de-rocking, Guard Rooms and providing electricity, water and 20 feet motorable road as desired in land.
  • 100% safety of your money invested as you get the land registered in your name to start.
  • You can pay 25% of land cost in advance and balance within 45 days for registration.
  • You need not come for registration as that can be arranged by appointing a nominee for you. The lands shall be registered in your name.
  • Price does not include registration and stamp duty cost which shall be extra as actual

After this you have four options

Option- 1

You can keep these lands for farming/appreciation or any other activities as you deem fit.


Lands so purchased can be given to company for particular farm development as per the following table

S.No Crop Rate/acre (development) Time taken for fruits Expected return/year Present Value of Orchard
1 Grapes 4,00,000 3 years 3-5 lakhs 20-40 lakhs
2 Pomegranate 2,00,000 2.5 years 1.5-3 lakhs 15-35 lakhs
3 Mango 1,50,000 2.5 years 1-2.5 lakhs 12-25 lakhs
4 Saputa(Cheeku) 1,50,000 3 years 1-2 lakhs 12-18 lakhs
5 Imli / Amla 1,00,000 4-7 years 1-2 lakhs 15-25 lakhs
6 Coconut 1,00,000 3-7 years 2-4 lakhs 15-25 lakhs

Please note that in the above the company shall develop and hand you over the orchards once they start bearing fruits. You start getting yearly returns thereafter or you can sell these orchards in the market. The price includes maintenance charges of farms till the farm is developed.
All the above mentioned crops are long term crops and normally bear good fruits for more than 25 years provided proper care is taken. If one wants to buy land for a particular crop the same should be conveyed before purchase of land, so that soil testing report as per the particular crop is carried out. Present value of orchard indicates the market price of fully grown and commercially managed orchards.

Option- 3

You can give these lands to company for a 10 years lease @ Rs 55,000 per acre per year. The lease can also be given @ Rs 4,375 per acre per month.

Get Rs 55,000/- annual theka for one acre of your land costing Rs 5,50,000/-

Option- 4

You can give the lands along with orchard development cost of Rs 2,50,000/- per acre. In this case company shall pay you Rs 5,000 per acre per month in addition to your land lease for ten years

For one Acre

Total you pay (One Time) Rs 5,50,000 + Rs 2,50,000/- = Rs 8,00,000/-
Total you get (Monthly) Rs 4,375 + Rs 5,000/- = Rs 9,375/-

S.No Names Area (Acres) Total Cost T Return Rs/Month Additions
1 Mini Farm Half 425000 4500
2 LR 1 1 800000 9375
3 LR 2 2 1600000 18750
4 LR 3 3 2400000 28125
5 LR 4 4 3200000 37500
6 Mini Orchard 5 4000000 46875 1 Guard Room GR (10’ X 20’)
7 Prince Orchard 7 5600000 65625 1 GR + 1 Tube Well(TW)
8 Mega Orchard 10 8000000 93750 1 GR + 1 TW + 1 BHK
9 King Orchard 15 12000000 140625 1 GR + 1 TW + 1 BHK +1Seri Culture Shed
10 Le Royale Orchard 20 16000000 187500 1 GR + 2 TW + 1 BHK +1Seri Culture Shed
11 Prince Estate 25 20000000 234375 1 GR + 2 TW + 2 BHK +1Seri Culture Shed
12 Mega Estate 30 24000000 281250 1 GR + 2 TW + 2 BHK +2Seri Culture Shed
13 King Estate 40 32000000 375000 1 GR + 3 TW + 3 BHK +3Seri Culture Shed
14 Le Royale Estate 54 43200000 506250 1 GR + 4 TW + 4 BHK +4Seri Culture Shed

Once the company hands you back your land it shall be developed Orchards with minimum average age of plants at 6 years.


  • One Acre corresponds to 4840 sq. yards
  • Returns being a product of agriculture from the lands registered in your name, are agriculture in nature and hence tax free.
  • Lands as bought by you shall be properly demarked and once given back to you shall be fenced and provided with minimum 20 feet road connected to state roads.
  • All the additions are given as a bonus on successful completion of lease period.
  • All lease agreements with detailed terms and conditions shall be registered and carried out on stamp paper. It shall be irrevocable during the tenure of agreement.
  • Guard room shall be of 10 feet by 20 feet with adequate storage facilities.
  • Sericulture shed shall be a constructed area (Approx 50 feet by 22 feet) required for conversion of mulberry leaves into silk balls.
  • Since the development cost on half acre is high, it’s cost is a bit higher.
  • The company shall carry out agreement with detailed T&C.
  • The returns as mentioned are as per normal market conditions.
  • Returns starts after full payments are made by you.
  • This is a limited period offer. The prices indicated above are subject to revision at the discretion of the company.
  • Price ruling on the date of booking and the acceptance by the company shall be applicable.